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- The memories and dreams is what gives your 3D  map meaning -

Customized 3D Wood Map

create your own wood map

Let us make your unforgettable map

Each map is hand painted

Personally involved in map cutting process

Highly accurate CNC milling is the core of 3D map making

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I can not tell you how happy I am with how this came out! It’s truly a beautiful piece of art!

Matt Downey, Texas

 I am very impressed with maps and very appreciative of the time you have taken on each one. 
Thank you so much for your wonderful work and your regular communication throughout this process. 


I wanted to get my fiance something special to celebrate our engagement in the Dolomites, so I ordered a custom map of the exact spot I was proposed to. This map turned out so so much more beautiful than I ever could have hoped, it will be a cherished possession for a very, very long time!

Sonja Saxe

Thank you so much for the work you put in on the map, my brother and his new wife absolutely loved it as did everybody else (especially the Slovakian side of the family)


The maps arrived late Friday night and he LOVES them. 
Great work and thank you.