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Oahu Island wall art
detail of 3d map of Oahu
perspective of 3d OAHU map
Oahu Island, Hawaii, 3D Map, colored
Oahu Island, Hawaii, 3D Map, colored
Oahu Island, Hawaii, 3D Map, colored

Oahu Island, Hawaii, 3D Map, colored

3D Wooden maps

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Hawaii is beautiful and peaceful place to visit or live. You can feel the beauty of its nature. This Oahu island 3D map just confirms that legend and makes you feel like you are flying over the island. It enables you to observes rivers, lakes, mountains, volcanoe. Makes you explore that natural wonder. Forces you to fall in love either you live there or never been before.

The map is made using high resolution satellite data. Made from solid plywood sheet. Each map will be unique due to natural variances of plywood. Map is milled with CNC machine, laser-burned sea coast, lakes and rivers, hand polished, hand painted and varnished with great care and attention.


Small Size: 12" x 15" x 1.8" / 5 lb (approx) | 30 cm x 38 cm x 4.5 cm / 2 kg (approx)

Medium Size: 16" x 20" x 1.8" / 9 lb (approx) | 40 cm x 50 cm x 4.5 cm / 4 kg (approx)

Large Size: 20" x 25" x 1.8" / 13 lb (approx) | 50 cm x 65 cm x 4.5 cm / 6 kg (approx)

Extra Size: 24" x 30" x 1.8" / 17 lb (approx) | 60 cm x 75 cm x 4.5 cm / 8 kg (approx)


Sustainable birch plywood, acrylic paint and mate varnish. Ready to hand on the wall.


It takes 5-7 working days to produce. You’ll be contacted prior shipping.


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